By Kelsi Matylewicz/Benco Dental Social Media Intern

And by meth, I really mean soda.

A study done by Professor of Restorative Dentistry Dr. Mohammed Bassiouny shows that consumption of diet soda tends to ruin your teeth as badly as methamphetamine or cocaine. Dr. Bassiouny explains that both meth and soda are highly acidic substances that could cause a wide range of unwanted dental problems.

In the study, published in General Dentistry journal, research focuses on the case of a 30-year old woman who has consumed two liters of soda on a daily basis for nearly five years. According to Smiles Nambour, the study reports that the severity of dental damage suffered by the woman is remarkably comparable to a 29-year-old meth user, and even to a 51-year-old cocaine user.

Although the degree of damage inflicted to teeth by dangerous substances (methamphetamine and cocaine) is far more severe than that associated with soda and other carbonated drinks, people should still cut back on their soda intake.

To that point, Dr. Eugene Antenucci, spokesman for the Academy of General Dentistrytold CBS, “How much [soda] is too much? I don’t know, but if it’s your primary drink, and you’re drinking more soda than water, I would say that’s too much.”

Meanwhile, in his tongue-in-cheek response to the topic, columnist  offered “Any amount of lantern fuel is too much.”

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