Last week the California Dental Association made life a little easier for dentists.

CDA’s 2015 Sample Employee Manual provides a specific template that practices can incorporate into their own employee manuals. The “Social Networking” section of CDA’s Sample Employee Manual features language that dentists can add such as specifying that only authorized individuals are allowed to represent the practice on social media and when employees can use their own devices for personal social media purposes.

Below is an example of language related to social media featured in the CDA Sample Employee Manual.

“Use of Internet-based programs such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (this is not meant to be an exhaustive list) may be used in furtherance of Practice goals. However, only authorized individuals are allowed to speak/write in the name of the Practice using the social media tools of the Practice such as the Practice Facebook page, the Practice blog, the Practice Twitter account. [Contact Person] will authorize you in writing if you can use these Practice social media tools to perform your job duties.”

Dentists can copy and paste this language into their employee manuals and share it with everyone on their staff. A written policy outlines clear expectations, defines privacy policies and assigns accountability when engaging in personal or professional social media on behalf of the practice. CDA Practice Support Analyst Michelle Corbo recommends the dentist have each employee sign a document stating that he or she has reviewed the information.

For the rest of the information that should be communicated with dental teams related to social media, view pages 10 and 11 of the 2015  Sample Employee Manual.

Dentists should review their employee manual every year and make any necessary changes so that the practice remains in compliance with current state requirements.

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