“Cognitoys” is the name of these Internet-connected smart toys that learn and grow.

This little green dinosaur, created by Element Path,  is a new and interactive toy that communicates with children. Conversation happens through the powers of wireless communication and cloud computing. According to phys.org, when the dinosaur is asked “What’s on Mars?” it quickly answers “red dirt and Martians.”

To satisfy children’s boundless curiosity, the toy draws on the considerable knowledge of IBM’s supercomputer Watson. “It can hold simple conversations with children, and as the child uses the toy, the toy learns about the child,” said developer J.P. Benini, co-founder of New York company Elemental Path.

A parent can program a child’s bedtime and a reminder for nightly routines as well, which might result in the dinosaur saying “Aaah, I’m tired. Have you brushed your teeth?”

In addition to telling jokes and creating rhymes, the toy can offer spelling and mathematical exercises. This toy is so advanced that is remembers a child’s favorite food, sport, or color. The toy then uses this information in different learning exercises.

“It actually grows with a child, it understands what vocabulary level they’re at… so the toy can actually educate them and challenge them over time” said developer J.P. Benini, co-founder of New York company Elemental Path.

The company plans to sell English-language Cognitoys online from mid-November for $99 each, and other characters are set to follow.

To read more: https://phys.org/news/2015-03-digital-daynew-tech-toys-german.html