We all have “Goliaths” – barriers, obstacles and challenges that try to hold us down or keep us from achieving
our goals. At an upcoming free CE Program in Baltimore, Dave Weber will help identify Goliaths that attendees are dealing with professionally and personally. His goal: to help shift vision and re-focus on the “prize”.

Dave Weber will help you avoid the "paralysis of analysis" during The Lucy Hobbs Project 3rd Annual Celebration June 4 and 5 in Baltimore.

Dave Weber will help attendees avoid the “paralysis of analysis” during The Lucy Hobbs Project 3rd Annual Celebration June 4 and 5 in Baltimore.

The international speaker, author and trainer will present on this topic June 5 during the two-day Lucy Hobbs Project 3rd Annual Celebration in Baltimore.  Weber has been a guest of meetings such as The Hinman, ADA, Chicago Mid-Winter, Yankee Dental Congress, 75+ Seattle Study Clubs and dozens of state dental organizations from California to the Carolinas. His insights and applications about practice management issues get him invited back time and time again. The Marietta, Georgia resident speaks 165 times per year and has been called the “cure for the common meeting”.

Join The Lucy Hobbs Project™ as its members celebrate women in dentistry during this event. Be  inspired by your peers, mentors and leaders in the industry.  Presented by Benco Dental, The Lucy Hobbs Project empowers women in dentistry to drive change and deliver success through networking, innovation and giving back.

The initiative is named to honor Lucy Hobbs, the first woman in dentistry.  Born in 1833, Lucy was refused admission to dental school because of her gender.  She persevered, eventually learning dentistry as an apprentice, graduating from the Ohio College of Dental Surgery, and becoming the first licensed female dentist in 1866. Her leadership, courage and success paved the way for other women.  Benco Dental is committed to helping others to do the same. The Lucy Hobbs Project is open to women and men dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, office managers, sales representatives and consumers.

Cost to attend the 3rd Annual Celebration is free. Seating is limited.

Register at: regmadeeasy.com/benco/the-lucy-hobbs-project/2015

For more information about The Lucy Hobbs Project™ and to become a member, visit www.thelucyhobbsproject.com