Research confirms that dental professionals are at much higher risk of exposure to airborne pathogens from aerosols and splatter (where gaps around the surgical mass can expose the wearer’s mouth and nostrils) than they may realize, according to Gary Steinbeg, Crosstex International, Inc. President and CEO.

Not only does Crosstex, a leading global manufacturer providing solutions for better infection control, prevention and safety, want to make professionals aware of these risks, but the company also wants to provide state-of-the-art surgical masks for protection and comfort.

Crosstex International, Inc., introduces the “Secure Fit® Face-to-Face Challenge,” which uses vibrantly-colored powder in order to clearly demonstrate how gaps in other masks can let in dangerous aerosols and fluids.

How does it differ from other masks:

  • Dual aluminum nose and chin strips form a strong seal at top, bottom and sides
  • Mask design provides maximum breathability
  • Strong seal greatly reduces fogging (#1 mask complaint)
  • Hypoallergenic selections, free of chemicals, inks and dyes, for sensitive skin.

Steinberg referred to a study stating that said “contaminants linger in the dental operatory long after the treatment is completed and can be directly inhaled into terminal lung alveoli. Another study determined that hygienists have a 60 percent higher incidence of cold symptoms than similar professional groups.”

Want to stay safe on the job? Secure Fit® may be your answer.

Purchase these masks through Benco Dental, or contact your Friendly Benco Rep.

Crosstex is inviting clinicians to take their own “Face-to-Face Challenge” by offering Secure Fit® samples to compare against their current traditional standard ear loop masks. To watch the “Face-to-Face Challenge” in action and order your sample(s), visit: