If you’re torn between whether to celebrate National Toothache Day or not, take a little inspiration from Benco Dental Senior Graphic Designer Donna Shrader.

She suggested this vintage Sesame Street video featuring Wayne Brady and Elmo (once a frequent jam for she and her then-toddler son David) as the perfect treatment plan for this unique holiday.

Her logic: If a toothache is plaguing your day, use this memorable song to bolster your spirits and laugh a little until you arrive. If not, be sure to get between your teeth during cleaning to avoid gum disease and tooth decay –two of the top causes of toothaches.

PRO-SYS tapersThose hard-to-reach spaces can be within your grasp — PRO-SYS™ interdental brushes offer an option for those who don’t want to settle for an “incomplete clean.” Available in tapered or cylindrical shapes, these professionally designed, professionally recommended brushes are  great for back teeth and crowded teeth and ideal for cleaning between braces, crowns, bridges and implants