In the Steven Spielberg‘s 2002 film Catch Me If You Can, Leonardo DiCaprio portrays a criminal who before his 21st birthday worked as a doctor, a lawyer, and a co-pilot for a major airline using his powers of deception.

His character, loosely based on con artist Frank Abagnale Jr., did it all without the help of YouTube.

He never actually practiced medicine, though.

This week in Thailand, a 21-year-old woman arrested for illegally straightening people’s teeth has told police she learned her skills from the video-sharing website, according to 

Thararat Thaptimtae was arrested after police and public health officials raided a room in a dormitory after responding to complaints that its occupant had been providing illegal dental alignment for vocational students and other teenagers.

Thaweesak Sukkhasem reported police said Thararat, a former vocational student, confessed that she had never studied dentistry or worked at a dental clinic but charged her teenage customers between 800 and 1,200 baht (USD $25 and $37).

Abagnale Jr., who now helps the FBI catch fraudsters, forgers and embezzlers, said his crimes tallied $2.5 million, which today would be about $20 million.