A number of photo editing apps, such as Pictr and FaceTune allow users to digitally makeover their  selfies and other images —   brighten their smiles, enhance their eyes, spray hair onto bald patches, even reshape their faces.

Makers of the White Tooth app take it one step further. They aim to give users the benefits of professional tooth bleaching at home.

According to a recent story in betaboston.com by @NidhiSubs, the free Android app (one for iPhone is due this month) created by Pearly Whites Express Teeth Whitening Center in Boston, turns your smartphone screen into a blue LED. When paired with a whitening agent — store-bought whitening strips or Pearly Whites gel — it promises to speed the process.

A 40-minute session (which, according to Pearly Whites founder Justin McFadden, will keep your teeth glistening for 90 days) costs $3.98.

Talk about full service: Clients can send pictures of their teeth to one of Pearly Whites Express’ smile technicians for a professional tooth shade check or ask questions via text.

Does McFadden’s app have the white stuff?

Read one first-person review at: https://betaboston.com/news/2015/01/16/smile-and-say-selfie-this-app-wants-to-brighten-your-teeth/

Find out the American Dental Association’s views on bleaching lights: https://www.ada.org/~/media/ADA/About%20the%20ADA/Files/ada_house_of_delegates_whitening_report.ashx