It will be service with a (brand new) smile for a young waiter in Wichita, Kansas.

Recently, one of his customers at Doo-Dah-Diner decided to share good fortune.


Oklahoma lawyer Fred Boettcher suffered from serious dental issues as a child and remembers what a relief it was to have a dentist repair the problem.

According to an AP story, Oklahoma lawyer Fred Boettcher, visiting the restaurant with his daughters noticed Brian Maixner’s damaged smile.

“I’ve had a couple of restaurants in the past, and I know how important your appearance is,” Boettcher told the newspaper. “He was a clean-cut young guy with a smile like an angel, and I thought, ‘I’ve got to help.’ ”

Maixner was raised by a mother who worked several jobs and didn’t have the money for regular dental visits, according to the report. He hasn’t had the money as an adult and hasn’t yet been able to get insurance.

“I’ve just been going tooth-by-tooth when they get infected or go bad,” he said.

This week, Boettcher made arrangements with his dentist, Phillip Tyndall in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and all Maixner needs to do is make an appointment.

“It’s kind of weird how a smile and your teeth can change your attitude,” Maixner told The Wichita Eagle.

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