The sound masking technology installed at the nation’s fastest growing distributor Benco Dental, among other companies led its Waltham, Mass. privacy company to a banner year in 2014.

Hospitals are beginning to care more and more about noise levels in their facilities, and Cambridge Sound Management is making the most of the trend.

The Waltham-based company was successful in year 2014 and expanded into numerous health care companies, including Cambridge Health Alliance, multiple locations at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, multiple locations at Hallmark Health Systems, and multiple locations of Woburn Pediatrics Associates,” according to the Boston Business Journal. Part of the growth can be attributed to their sound-masking technology, which assisted in increasing the company’s employee headcount by 45 percent.

Discussing the type of high-tech white noise they use, the company defined it as the specific wavelength of sound that makes it difficult for anyone more than five to 10 feet away to make out clearly what an individual is saying.

They install a series of sound emitters in the ceiling that link back to a central control, allowing the product to be used in a variety of locations, such as small doctors’ offices or a several thousand-square -foot hospital.

The quietness of this technology is easily accessible and rapidly being adopted, resulting in a substantial growth in the healthcare industry.

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