When an accomplished woodworker creates his dental practice in homage to a 12th century medieval castle in Germany, it stands to reason that his holiday decorating efforts encompass nothing less than an 18-foot-tall candle carousel, or German pyramid.

“I saw one inside as a year round Christmas display in a Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas retail store in Rothenburg Germany, a medieval old town,” said Dr. David Bishop of Allen, Texas.

His personal creation takes up residence along a thoroughfare in proximity to the practice he founded in 1983, The Dentist of Allen. Prior to the Christmas season, Dr. Bishop transports the masterpiece from a storage shed crafted solely for the pyramid, and begins a methodical three-day assembly that, before all is said and done, involves the use of a cherry picker and front end loader.

“It took about four months to build, working at the end of the day until my wife told me to quit,” the practitioner said. “Each level was made in my woodshop, timber-frame style, like the original pyramids would have been made, using wooden pegs and mortise and tenon joints.”

At the heart of this mobile wonder: a Nativity, or a scene representing Jesus Christ’s birth, including the Holy Family and three tiers of Wise Men, shepherds (and their flock), and angels.

This cedar, pine and oak structure, complete with a paddle fan atop, houses inner workings that power its rotation, which Dr. Bishop credits to his neighbor, Clarence Carter.

With the idea that candle flame heat keeps the miniature versions in motion, Dr. Bishop’s future plans

Shown, the German pyramid that inspired Dr. David Bishop's Christmas creation.

Shown, the German pyramid that inspired Dr. David Bishop’s Christmas creation.

include a few additions – large diameter PVC pipe painted red to mimic candles, set on the base, and small blowing fans installed in them to move fire-resembling material.

On his wish list: a like-minded entrepreneur or sponsor partner to help him bring to life an indoor eight-foot version of his epic Nativity-based piece. He envisions a wooden-geared mechanism with majestic movement that could be handed through generations as an addition, or substitute, to the traditional Christmas tree. His hope glows with the optimism of the season as he aims to employ the talents of tradespeople working to shift their lives in a new direction.

If your holiday itinerary will take you near 261 West Exchange Parkway in Allen, Texas, be sure to add to your plans a visit to Dr. Bishop’s Christmas work of art.

To make his holiday wish come true, contact him at 972-727-8249 or info@TheDentistofAllen.com.

Read more about Dr. Bishop’s award winning practice design in Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine: https://viewer.zmags.com/publication/07e88128#/07e88128/48