There’s a rookie in the lineup.

idi Toothbat, winner of iF Product Design Award 2014, arrives on the oral care scene courtesy of a Hong Kong company that was established in 2001. idi specializes in a range of design consultancy services, including interior design, furniture design and project management, but recently has been developing a series of products dedicated to health.

The 3-Directional Toothbat, with the associated dental floss, was first launched in 2014. The development of The 3-Directional Toothbat, Deluxe and Carry-on versions, come together with the Tongue Cleaner in a union that will be launched soon.

Gordon W.K. Lam, the founder of ID Infinity Limited (idi), has been a Member of Chartered Society of Designers UK since 1997. His company promotes the use of dental floss with the ultimate aim of helping the public have a more comprehensive protection on dental and oral hygiene.