At least that is how it appears to travelers passing through the Empire State.

During a recent visit to Kingsland Point Park in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., CenterPoint Design’s Amanda Griffith spotted the tooth and toothbrush seating shown above.


Oral health-inspired artwork brightens the walkways of downtown Ithaca, N.Y.

On a stroll through Ithaca, N.Y.’s  downtown, this MolarMuse discovered community artwork, shown at right, seemingly inspired by a quest for better oral hygiene.

Transplanted to Pittston, Pennsylvania, a welcoming icon at the home office Benco Dental, once graced a park in NYC. The 1,000-pound sculpture with the original name “The Little Soldier,” shown below, has greeted visitors at of the nation’s largest privately owned dental distributor since 1984, but traces its, ahem, roots, to the Big Apple.

In an effort to inspire a bit of friendly competition, @the_daily_floss invites you to share photos that illustrate a denticle-loving location in your path. Perhaps another state serves up smiles with its unique incisor-inspired sculpture or a marvel of molar seating. Send your images to and check back to see them featured in future blogs.

Benco Tooth

This 1,000-pound anatomically incorrect work of art greets visitors at Benco Dental’s CenterPoint home office in Pittston, Pa., but it originally hailed from NYC.