October and Breast Cancer Awareness month for 2014 may be a few days in the past, but Afdent and Dr. David Allen & Associates, P.C. in Fort Wayne, Indiana show support yearround for an organization that eases the burden of breast cancer for women and families in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area.

Through the TLC Breast Cancer Foundation they contribute their monetary support and volunteer efforts.

“I like the change you can make in people’s lives every day, whether it’s getting them out of pain or giving them a beautiful smile. Helping people is what I’m about,” said Afdent team member Dr. Troy Holder, in an interview with dental lifestyle magazine Incisal Edge

The death of his older sibling from breast cancer spurred Dr. Holder to create the TLC Breast Cancer Foundation in her honor. Having twice battled cancer, Tawnia L. Comer passed away at age 35 in October 2002.

“It was pretty aggressive, because she was young,” Dr. Holder says of her initial breast-cancer diagnosis. “She did chemo and radiation, and within a year it was back. It had spread to her brain and lungs, and within a couple months, it had taken her life.”

In 2004, inspired by his and Tawnia’s shared passion for bikes and motorcycles, Dr. Holder established a poker-run fundraiser, which has since evolved into an annual golf outing to raise money for the TLC (Tawnia L. Comer) Breast Cancer Foundation. All money is donated locally.

“We give it to women and families throughout our area, and help whoever is going through hard times,” Dr. Holder says.

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