Studies suggest a link between anger and teeth grinding that can result in bruxism.

But anger that results in the injury of a dentist? That might be linked to a tooth infection.

At least in the case of a Pennsylvania man who, according to an Associated Press report, says he assaulted his dentist with a tire iron because he was angry that the dentist wanted to prescribe antibiotics rather than pull an infected tooth.

In an Erie Times-News story, Erie police say 30-year-old Philip Kienholz “cornered the dentist while he was treating a juvenile patient, then hit the doctor in the wrist with the tire iron before running away.”

During his sentencing (16 months to four years in state prison), Keinholz offered the explanation Tuesday that he assaulted his dentist because “he couldn’t afford dental treatment and knew he’d get it in prison.”

According to the report, the Erie man had pleaded guilty but mentally ill in September to charges of aggravated assault and possessing an instrument of crime.

Information from: Erie Times-News,