Dr. Craig Gordon thought he had it tough when reality star Kim Kardashian ran out on her bill for porcelain fillings ($3,486.85, with interest) earlier this year.

But one Los Angeles dental assistant might beg to differ.

According to the Associated Press, a dental technician who alleges Charlie Sheen punched her in the chest during an office visit is suing the actor for assault and battery.

The AP story states: “Margarita Palestino filed the lawsuit Friday in Los Angeles seeking unspecified damages from the ‘Anger Management’ star. Her lawsuit accuses Sheen of attacking her during a dental appointment on Sept. 25, including punching her in the chest and grabbing her bra.”

The 49-year-old actor is reportedly under investigation for an altercation that took place while he was undergoing treatment at his dentist’s office September 25.

“There was an incident with Charlie Sheen at a dentist’s office. It’s under investigation. It was on Sept. 25,” LAPD officer Diana Figueroa told the nydailynews.com.

A report surfaced on TMZ that Sheen was allegedly under the influence of “rock cocaine”  when a dental technician tried to give him nitrous oxide ahead of an abscess procedure. Afterwards, according to the claim, the actor pulled a knife on the dentist.

According to the AP story published on huffingtonpost.com, Sheen’s publicist Jeff Ballard referred calls Friday to the actor’s attorney, Marty Singer, who was not available for comment Friday afternoon.

Sheen had an adverse reaction to the combination of nitrous oxide and pain medication he was taking for a shoulder injury and that Sheen knocked over dental instruments, Ballard said Thursday. But other elements of the woman’s story were not true, Ballard said.