By Donna Yanus RDH, RYT

Donna Yanus, RDH, RYT

Donna Yanus, RDH, RYT

Do you find yourself,  looking at the work clock each day at 2 p.m., needing to  reach for that double expresso-grande mochaccino because you have three more hours of clinical care, are running 30-minutes behind and just want to stop, drop and nap?

Do you leave work each night with aching muscles; exhausted, dragging, and drained?

As dental professionals, we are caregivers. Many times we simply forget to slow down and take care of ourselves.

During my first 10 years as a hygienist,  ergonomic techniques did not exist for me. I assumed they were for a classroom setting. Quite often, I moved disgracefully into my own, poor posture, client/operator positioning by mid-morning. It felt good, it worked for me to get through the day and this could insure a good paycheck and avoid the dreaded running behind. Eventually, it was not my behind that was the problem, but my neck and cervical vertebra that suffered. Today, 20 years later, I continue to be an asset to all of my patients and coworkers, because I found the answer and I’d love to share it with you.

Yoganomics,  Yoga for Dental Caregivers offers a way to:

  • feel great at work all the time,

  • wake up your muscles,

  • brighten up your mood,

  • increase your energy levels,

  • become and stay more alert,

  • prolong your stamina,

  • breathe deeply,

  • enjoy work,

  • enjoy your patients,

  • embrace your co-workers and

  • love your beautiful career.

Yoganomics provides effective ergonomics for the dental professional. I developed this workshop with ergonomics and proper work-posturing in mind. The healthy-movement workshop, also on video so you can use it at home), showcases simple maneuvers that can add years to your clinical life and keep your body pain-free. I designed it to help dental clinicians avoid the crippling effects of poor work-posturing and habits. Movements include stretches and breathing techniques that you can do in your operator chair right in your own operatory. They will keep you sitting pretty for your entire career. You’ll use these techniques daily for the rest of your dental life and love it.

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–  Jill Obrochta and Heather Whitt @dentalenhance, contributed to this story.