One Salem, Oregon dentist disagrees in word and deed.

Reducing waste and use of toxic products. Supporting local economy. Check.

Dentist Holly Chamberlain and her team weren’t afraid to embrace innovation to bring plans to fruition, according to a story in the

A instrument sterilizer that operates on the principles similar to those of canning?

“We invested in a sterilizer that uses steam, pressure and heat similar to canning,”  Dr. Chamberlain told the Statesman Journal. “Even our sterilization is earth-friendly.”

According to the report, Dr. Chamberlain bartered with a patient who could sew to create fleece chair covers and patient bibs to reduce trash and shop local. The patient’s gain? A discount on dental care. Now the practice is rolling with enough reusable covers and bibs for more than 40 patients.

Another significant reduction of waste and toxic waste products: The transition from photographic X-rays to digital X-rays.

Dr. Chamberlin, a member of the EcoDentristry Association, received guidance from a local free business environmental assistance program: EarthWISE.

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