Clinical efficacy, and beautiful simplicity in design. In layman’s terms: the best in bristles and a gunk-free handle.

We’re talking toothbrushes. PRO-SYS™ brand, three years in the making.

For the same reason car manufacturers buy tires instead of making their own, PRO-SYS decided to buy the very best bristles from a specialist. Who better to work with than DuPont®, the inventors of the nylon bristle?

A clean handle is a healthy handle, so PRO-SYS™ chose to do away with colorful rubber accents that can trap the aforementioned gunk. As for its gently chiseled shape, the makers of PRO-SYS™ found simplifying the handle helped improve tactile feedback. The hand focuses on the sensations of brushing and is less ‘confused’ by differing textures and materials.

If that sounds like the feel-good part of the story, not even close.

For every PRO-SYS Tapered or Antimicrobial toothbrush sold, the company donates one to a person in need. But simply donating toothbrushes isn’t enough, so they partner with nonprofits that ensure oral healthcare education is part of the package. That’s especially important in places where toothbrushes are uncommon.

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