By Chuck Cohen/Managing Director, Benco Dental

I was working in Manhattan a few weeks ago, co-travelling with Friendly Benco Rep Chris Clemson, when I visited Dr. Jyoti Srivastava’s Upper East Side office.  Nearly 25 years ago, I was Dr. Srivastava’s sales rep when she opened her first office in New York City, just after graduating from dental school.  At the time, we were both young, naïve and inexperienced.

Good news:  she’s even better now than she was then, with a spectacular office, a large prosthodontic practice, and a terrific family.  (I’m not sure about me, I just feel older…)

Here’s a link to her office website:

Long-time customers, like long-time friends, are truly the best!

Thanks to Dr. Srivastava for making Benco Dental part of her dental team!