What small wonder is set to generate interest in epic proportions among the dental community this fall?

3M™ True Definition Scanner.

According to a Yahoo Finance report, its “innovative design offers improved overall experience and new, smallest wand on the market.”

“As more dentists and orthodontists adopt digital scanning in their practices, innovating to provide the best user experience is more important than ever.”

The new system will be released this fall in tandem with 3M™ True Definition Scanner Software 5.0.

Magic wand?

According to 3M:

*An adept user can scan a diagnostic arch in as little as 60 seconds.

  • The new wand is designed to fit in the hand like a traditional dental handpiece, with a narrow, angled tip and a slim profile so ergonomically balanced it allows for one-handed scanning.

  • This significantly enhances the reach to the challenging posterior anatomy.

  • The small profile and fast scan time make scanning with the redesigned 3M True Definition Scanner system more comfortable for dentists, orthodontists, their staff and patients.