Benco Dental Regional Manager Dan Bump with the 16-pound Dolphin Fish he and teammates caught June 20 in the Horizons Fishing Tournament, West Palm Beach, Florida

Caption: Dan Bump, Cap’n Jack, Jim Weber and Ryan Hammock with their award-winning catch at the Horizons Fishing Tournament in West Palm Beach.

A 16-pound Dolphin Fish earned Benco Dental Equipment Specialist Jim Weber, Regional Manager Dan Bump and Service Tech Ryan Hammock community gratitude, bragging rights, and dinner for four.
Mahi-Mahi (the Hawaiian name for the species Coryphaena hippurus), grilled and blackened, made up the menu June 20 in West Palm Beach, Florida, after three Benco Dental associates from the Biscayne region garnered 5th Place in Dolphin category at the Horizons Fishing Tournament.
The 15th annual event, organized to benefit Hospice of Palm Beach County Foundation, led the threesome  – along with boatmate Cap’n Jerry – to a considerable catch of a Blue Water Beauty 18 miles offshore.
In an area of the Atlantic where the water’s depths reach 1,100 feet, the four seafaring friends shared a victory at sea.