Compliance for OSHA & HIPAA can be overwhelming and unreasonably time-consuming. In 2013, Federal Mandates heightened requirements for all dental office employees to be trained in these (3) areas of compliance:

  1. Annual OSHA Employee Training / Certification
  2. New OSHA GHS (Global Harmonization System)

Proof- of-Employee Training & Various Protocols due by December 1, 2013

  1. New HIPAA Omnibus Rule Training & Protocols

 Proof- of-Employee Training & Protocols due by September 23, 2013.

Dental Enhancements, LLC OSHA & HIPPA Experts present a workshop “Meet-and-Be-Trained by the OSHA & HIPAA Experts,” that will help practitioners become compliant and allow access to expert consultation for an entire year.

Two workshops are slated to take place next month in Grand Rapids and Novi, Michigan in conjunction with Benco Dental, the nation’s fastest growing dental distributor.

Find out more and register at 941-587-2864.