Way back in 2011 (The Occupy Wall Street Era) the Chicago Dental Society surveyed more than 300 members to find out the strangest dental requests they’d ever received from patients. Less than three years later, No. 1 on the list “Can you give my dog braces?” becomes common practice.

“Misaligned teeth can poke into your pup’s cheek, gums or tongue, causing him great pain and, potentially, infection,” according to dogcare.dailypuppy.com.

For that reason and others, Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery Specialists LLC in Wisconsin, along with numerous practitioners across the U.S., offer orthodontics for dogs.

Dale Kressin DVM, FAVD, Dipl AVDC, on the website mypetsdentist.com, explains that ethical considerations; a pet’s temperament; owner expectations needs and time limitations all factor in to treatment plan @MyPetsDentist

At his practice, they use oral surgery, incline planes, other orthodontic appliances and braces to treat their patients safely.

Getting back to @Chicago_Dental survey responses, there’s no denying some of the Top 10 still warrant an eye roll (see list below), but dog braces are here to stay.

As far as the rest of the 2011 “Strangest Dental Request” list, well, in the words of 1989 film “Say Anything” high school valedictorian Diane Court: “I have glimpsed our future and all I can say is go back!”

10) “Can you extract my tooth without anesthesia?”

9) “Please wire my mouth shut to aid in my diet.”

8) “Can you ID this set of dentures left in the bathroom of the bar I work at?”

7) “I will pay you or your hygienist to floss my teeth at my office every day.”

6) “Pull all my teeth, and just give me dentures.”

5) “I just broke off my engagement. Can you prepare my tooth so that I can keep the diamond in it?”

4) “Will you give me local anesthesia in my lips? I’m going in for permanent “lipstick” tattoos on my lips, and would like to avoid the pain.”

3) “May I have an emergency cleaning visit? It’s my high school reunion and I need a bright, white smile to face my old boyfriend.”

2) “Can I keep the teeth you pull out of my mouth? I’d like to make a necklace out of them.”