Caption: Located in Barney Allis Park near the Bartle Hall Convention Center, this block-long fountain, shown, uses computer-assisted cycling action which varies both the colors and height of the water columns formed by the 112 geyser jets. It is a memorial to Barney Allis, well-known citizen and manager of the historic Muehlbach Hotel. (Photo Credit: Judith Burngen)

Which city that will welcome budding dentists July 19 is known for its extensive display of public and private fountains?

Though Rome would be a fair guess, Kansas City, Missouri is the answer.  This Midwestern city adds new artistic water displays constantly, making it impossible to give an exact count, according to

Certainly, these can be viewed virtually (in postage stamp format), but if you earned your D.D.S. or D.M.D. in 2004 or later, why not instead take the opportunity to pack your DLSR and be a tourist during the ADA 28th New Dentist Conference, Kansas City, Missouri July 17-29.

In addition to networking, leadership development and practice management courses,  attendees will be offered hands-on endo and implant courses at University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry.

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