Find out from Anthony R. Cardoza, D.D.S., D-ABFO at CDA Presents in Anaheim tomorrow.
Dr. Cardoza, who practices general and laser dentistry in El Cajon, Ca., as well as forensic dentistry in San Diego and Imperial Counties,   offers an overview of contemporary forensic dentistry and dispels what he calls the ‘CSI Effect’ Myth as one of the featured speakers at the three-day dental meeting.

He also offers a glimpse into dentistry’s role in a mass disaster scenario and later today hosts a workshop on the latest in laser-assisted dentistry.

Dr. Cardoza is among a creative speaker circuit at one of the group’s two annual events (Anaheim in May, SanFran in September), which also draw upward of 600 exhibits.

To attend today, tomorrow or Saturday, or make plans for fall, visit: