By Jessica Isgan / Interior Designer – CenterPoint Design, Benco Dental

Scenarios from ADA’s report this past August: “A Profession in Transition: Key Forces Reshaping the Dental Landscape” are playing out on one of our Benco Dental CenterPoint Design Architecture and Engineering projects currently under construction: Newtown Dentistry for Kids, Newtown, Pennsylvania.

A common space in the practice of Dr. Christine Landes (whose website offers a glimpse of her creativity) is designed to look like a neighborhood park shared by Oral Surgery, General and Pediatric Dentistry, as well as Orthodontics, all located under one roof.

It’s complete with a whimsical creation by Daniels Woodland, Inc., who has been  featured on Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters

For someone with a pediatric practice who is looking to bring the outside in, a treehouse is a great idea. They sky is the limit. But high ceilings are a must to make this feature work.

Stay tuned to for more photos as the project nears completion later this Spring!