In the photo:  Benco Dental Central Valley Territory Representative Jim Ball and Dr. Mary Papez-Berg.

By Chuck Cohen/ Managing Director, Benco Dental

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit with Dr. Mary Papez-Berg, who practices in Reno, Nevada.  Dr. Papez-Berg’s office, White Pine Family Dental, is truly a family affair:  her office manager, Cindy, is her sister, and her nephew, Dr. Kristian Sievert, recently joined the practice.  Dr. Papez-Berg’s experience as a woman dentist in Reno echoed the challenges faced by Lucy Hobbs, the first woman dentist in the U.S., more than a century earlier.

When she opened her practice, Dr. Papez-Burg explained, it was difficult to earn the respect of the other dentists in town.  But she’s now become one of the leaders of the Reno dental community, especially of the female dentists who have followed her.  She and a few of her colleagues have put together several networking events specifically for the women dentists in Reno.

Kudos to Dr. Papez-Burg for channeling the inspirational spirit of Lucy Hobbs!