A few weeks ago, the Benco Dental sales team was privileged to hear from Liz Murray, author of the NY Times bestseller ‘Breaking Night,’ detailing her personal journey from homeless New York City high school student to Harvard University graduate.
Liz shared her amazing life story with us, and the most amazing part is that she’s not bitter or angry, even at her parents, drug addicts whose life decisions put the family at personal and financial risk.  Looking back at her parents, Liz said, ‘people can’t give you what they don’t have.’  It was her way of excusing them for their life decisions, and accepting them for the flawed individuals they were.
A life lesson for all of us:  the world would be a better place if we could simply accept others, flaws and all.
Liz was one of the most inspiring speakers that our team has ever heard, and she’ll be sharing her story at our second annual Lucy Hobbs Project event on Friday, June 6 in Orlando.  There’s no charge to attend, but you’ve got to sign up.  Click here for the link.