SUNDAY: “Same-day crowns,” digital radiography or X-rays, digital dentures, cone-beam computed tomography (CT) –prime examples of advancements that reflect the growth in digital dentistry, according to USA Today’s  “High-tech teeth” April 6 article.

MONDAY: Legislation introduced in California would require warnings on beverage containers with added sweeteners that have 75 or more calories per 12 ounces, according to The Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Safety Act (SB 1000), would warn consumers of the risk of sugary beverages with a label that includes the following text:

“STATE OF CALIFORNIA SAFETY WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.” 

TUESDAY: Day 3 of Modropy’s weeklong campaign, supports the Oral Cancer Foundation to help their mission to reduce the suffering, permanent physical damage, disfigurement and death caused by this disease. Modropy encourages people to take up philanthropy as a modern way of life. Read the full story at:

WEDNESDAY: Could excessive use of mouthwash containing alcohol increase your risk for oral cancer? Recent scientific findings raised concern and a report by addressed the issue via an interview with Bhuvanesh Singh, a head and neck cancer surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

THURSDAY: Most U.S. dentist anesthesiologists prefer dual anesthetics, as reported by Dental Tribune America. Find out why 90 percent of those responding to a survey by American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists prefer the combined approach when treating some or most of their young patients at:

FRIDAY: During National Prosthodontics Awareness Week (April 7-13), the American College of Prosthodontists  sponsors the Ad Council’s first oral health campaign in its 70-year history. See before and after photos at: