by Lisa Philp, RDH, President of Transitions Group North America

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make it to the top in dentistry? To be one of those dentists who has it all: strong leadership presence, a high performing team, financial freedom, solid patient relationships, an exciting career, boundless enthusiasm and maintained energy over decades.

The answer is vast and multi-layered. Today, regardless of the author, expert, coach, model, or hundreds of books, one common message screams out loud and clear:  Leadership is an INSIDE JOB.  The proof of examples, measurements, outcomes, career fulfillment, balance of life, shows that the first mandatory step is to look within, with openness, to the “intent” of our behavior and how it “impacts” others.

From Transitions Group’s experience of coaching dental leaders and teams, we have found distinct characteristics that are directly related to why and how dental leaders achieve longterm success.  The common characteristics, traits and skills lie within three fundamental realms.

  1.  “SELF” awareness: the inside-out approach of examining “who you really are,” and in order to get in touch with your own magnificence, energy and authentic self.
  2.  “TEAM” development: influence and motivating a group to build a synergistic team.
  3. ‘RESULTS” achievement:  the drive, decision- making skill and goal clarity to grow and develop while enjoying the ride.