Dr. Roopi Kattaura, shown, encounters a new molar-shaped couch during her recent visit to Benco Dental‘s CenterPoint West showroom.

Since the dental-themed divan arrived at CenterPoint West in Costa Mesa, Calif., it’s been met with quite a bit of  commentary, according to Irene M. Acuesta-Miranda, Concierge, Orange County CenterPoint Experience.

Benco Dental Territory Representative Lan Phi at one with CenterPoint West's molar-inspired chair.

Benco Dental Territory Representative Lan Phi at one with CenterPoint West’s molar-inspired chair.

“Some of the feedback from visitors includes, ‘That’s different.’ ‘Oh, it’s a giant tooth.’ ‘That’s interesting.’ ‘How cute.’ ‘I like that tooth,'” said Acuesta-Miranda.

In the 1960s, artisan Wendell Castle of Rochester, N.Y. created a sturdy smile (or at least a portion of one). That white fiberglass sofa, designed to resemble molars, was recently acquired by Benco Dental, after the chair garnered a mention on TheDailyFloss.com: https://wp.me/p429wP-b5

Jenn Ochman, Database Publishing Production Specialist in the Marketing Communications department at the largest privately-owned dental company in the United States, first spotted the settee on retrorenovation.com and shared it with the dental blog.

“I thought it would fit in with Benco’s culture. It’s a tooth, it needs to be here,” said Ochman, a 13-year associate with Benco.

Castle, considered by some the “father of the art furniture movement,”  garnered a Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Design from the Brooklyn Museum of Art/ Modernism.