Mascarpone travels the world on a quest for missing teeth. He meets, along the way, characters such as the Tooth Fairy, la Petite Souris from France and the tooth spirits in Africa, who teach him traditions in regions of the globe.
In “The Tooth Thief,” World Oral Health Day 2014 children’s book, illustrations and story aim to entertain, but also instill good oral habits for those at a young age. The book is presented by FDI World Dental Federation, the principal representative body for more than one million dentists worldwide.
The book  is available from the Apple iBook Store and Amazon and can be downloaded from the World Oral Health Day website at:
Find out which 100 countries and 70 National Dental Associations are setting a new record by celebrating World Oral Health Day 2014 today at by visiting a map created, which pinpoints all the activities around the world: