By Chuck Cohen/ Managing Director, Benco Dental

Mark Kaschube

Mark Kaschube

Unsolicited testimonials, especially about new products, absolutely make my day.  Here’s a terrific one from Dr. Mark Kaschube, a Benco Booster with several large practices in Chicago, for OnSet, the new anesthetic buffering system we introduced last week at Benco Sales Forum 14 in Orlando.

“I have only used [OnSet] for a week and its impact in the way my group will be practicing dentistry in future is immeasurable.  Imagine having to remove teeth from a man who after six carpules of lidocaine, two carpules of articaine still feels everything.  Torture to him and torturous to us,  I have had to take out one tooth per visit over the past year.

“My patient grins and bares it while my assistant and my emotions get sucked dry knowing what the man is going thru.  After three injections (two carpules) with OnSet, we removed his remaining 6 teeth.  My patient’s post-op comment, ‘I did not even know you took one let alone the rest’…and that, my friend, is a home run.

“This product will not only change the way we practice, the ‘word of mouth’ factor will be staggering in our communities.

“We have tested the product in many different scenarios and patients of all ages with great results… and yes, anesthesia occurs within two minutes and some case before I have completed the injection.  Treating a mentally handicapped child where time is of the essence, I injected, counted to three and removed his tooth.  Mom was astounded.   The ability to do instant care will allow me to see more patients per day because I won’t be leaving the room.

“After 27 Chicago Midwinter Meetings, excitement to this magnitude is a rarity.  This is a pleasant unexpected WOW!”