Happy (belated) Dentist’s Day. Although we’re late, we’ll still get our prize at the checkout desk, right?
What better time to remind everyone that a visit to the dentist is a happy occasion. Especially those dentophobes.
Although the fear of dentists — known as dentopobia — is so common that, according to the British Dental Association, around 12% of those in the U.K.  suffer from it, there are a number of methods to root out those fears.

In a recent article in The Belfast Telegraph, dentist Laura Jones gives offers the following suggestions:

  • Go for a checkup when you are not in an emergency situation. This helps to build a relationship with the dentist and allows you to familiarise (That’s right, it’s the U.K., the favour the ‘s’ and the ‘ou’) yourself with the surroundings.

  • Try to arrange an early-in-the-day appointment so it’s not hanging over you all day. Also, first thing in the morning there will be no delay in the dentist’s schedule, so waiting time is minimised (Those Brits really despise the letter ‘z’  don’t they?).

  • Explain to the dentist, if you can, what triggers your anxiety. For example, is it the noise? If so, bring an iPod and play your favourite music.

  • Arrange a signal that tells the dentist when you need them to stop or you feel uncomfortable.