Did a staff member you hired send a patient packing based on lack of people skills or proper office etiquette? Did you unwittingly add to your team the job-hopper whose resume you wish you had given a closer look?
Don’t let it happen again.
Start by streamlining the process  with a system such as Practice GPS hiring services, powered by Benco Dental, in which a web-based hiring system advertises your openings to internet job boards and provides you with an applicant processing system that automatically scores and filters all incoming applicants.
Then read this recent blog post by Maggie Lasley of Dental Products Report where she outlines top five hiring mistakes and how to avoid them. Two of the five pitfalls are mentioned here, but read her full story at: https://www.dentalproductsreport.com/dental/article/top-5-mistakes-dentists-make-when-hiring-employees.
Mistake #1. You didn’t provide a clear enough job description. Make sure applicants are fully aware of what they are expected to do, said Cathy Jameson, CEO and Founder of Jameson Management.
Mistake #3. You go with your gut. Sometimes, when you’re interviewing an applicant, you get a ‘gut feeling’ that this person is the right fit, said Penny Reed Limoli, owner of the Reed Limoli Group. Don’t go with your gut and hire the person on the spot. Always call for references and be on the lookout for ‘job hopping.’ If a candidate has not held a job with one company for at least two years, you should consider whether this person is the right ‘fit’ for you and your team.