Too many Chicago dogs at the Midwinter Dental Meeting adding unwanted weight to your morning moment on the scale ? We’ve all been there.

But handheld x-ray developer Aribex offers a plan to help you immediately feel lighter, even before you hit the gym. Get $1,400.00 rebate back for a Nomad Pro 2 (weighing in at 5.5 pounds) purchase when you trade in a working, old 8.5-pound Nomad Dental. Oh, and trade in the oldest Nomad out there and you could win the grand prize of a free Nomad Pro2. Click here for details:

If you’re like Aribex Director of Sales and Marketing Mike Heyn, shown here at the aforementioned dental show, whose travel itinerary includes only healthy salads for dinner,  you might not need to worry about shedding pounds. But you can still benefit from the Nomad Pro 2. 

The company recently announced that it has 14,000 Nomad Pro 2 handheld x-ray systems in use in dental practices worldwide.