A survey taken at a recent Chicago Dental Society’s annual Midwinter Meeting unearthed Dentists’ Top 10 Strangest Things Found in a Patient’s Mouth.The 2014 meeting is just 17 days away, Feb. 20-22. If this kind of fun is on the docket at the forum for dentists to learn about new products, technologies and methods, it’s time to make a reservation.
The society’s top ten strangest:10) A chicken bone9) Part of a ballpoint pen

8) Obscene lip tattoos

7) Pet hair

6) DIY remedies, like Super Glue and wire, to hold broken and loose teeth in place

5) Fragment of a blasting cap

4) Fingernails

3) Hot Wheels tire

2) Insects, both dead and alive

And the strangest thing found in a patient’s mouth?

1) A blinking LED light the patient had installed in a tooth.